Vancouver, BC


Blind Cleaning in Vancouver, BC

The dust, pet dander, and dangerous germs that settle on your blinds can create an unhealthy environment for you and your family. But cleaning your blinds is of the most tedious housecleaning tasks you’ll ever face. That’s where we come in. Home Maid Services in Vancouver, BC makes blind cleaning quick, easy and stress-free.

Eliminate Dust and Allergens

At Home Maid Services, we take the frustration and headaches out of cleaning your blinds. Our cleaning team specializes in restoring your blinds’ original beauty while removing the dirt, allergens, and unhealthy germs that have settled on them over time. The professionals at Home Maid Services consider your satisfaction our highest priority. And we go the extra mile to deliver beautiful results for every blind cleaning job we undertake.

Get beautifully cleaned blinds without the all the work that goes into it. Call Home Maid Services in Vancouver, BC today for more information on pricing and services.